A Few Thoughts to Share

As momentum builds toward the critical 2022 midterms, Republicans are voting in primaries across the country to choose their candidates for November’s general election.

Innovative Politics has been busy working on races across the country and are proud to congratulate twelve of our candidates from Texas, Minnesota, Arkansas, and West Virginia for winning the Republican nomination in this important election cycle. 

Innovative Politics 2020 Election Results

One day after the polls closed many close elections remain, but as the fog settles it’s becoming clear that Innovative Politics clients won big time in 2020. With over 20 years of political experience, Innovative has become one of the nation’s premier political firms. This year built on the tremendous success the political ad firm saw in 2016. Innovative Politics nearly doubled their advertising reach from the historic 2016 cycle.

A decade after Innovative Politics helped Republicans capture the first GOP State Senate majority since reconstruction, Innovative built on its tremendous win record in the Tar Heel State. In cycle, after cycle Innovative has been credited time and again for its creative ads that cut through the clutter.

With control of redistricting up for grabs, 2020 proved to be one of the toughest, and most contested campaign cycles in state history.

One of the hottest Republican rising stars in Florida, Senator Joe Gruters, faced re-election in a battleground state inundated with Democratic ad dollars. Gruters, who also serves as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, took nothing for granted.

His campaign message of “Gruters Gets It Done” was highlighted in three separate ads that were regarded as among the best in the Tampa DMA.