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Early Wins for the Innovative Politics Team in 2022!

As momentum builds toward the critical 2022 midterms, Republicans are voting in primaries across the country to choose their candidates for November’s general election.

Innovative Politics has been busy working on races across the country and are proud to congratulate twelve of our candidates from Texas, Minnesota, Arkansas, and West Virginia for winning the Republican nomination in this important election cycle. 

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Innovative Politics 2020 Election Results

Early Results Show BIG WINS in 2020!

One day after the polls closed many close elections remain, but as the fog settles it’s becoming clear that Innovative Politics clients won big time in 2020. With over 20 years of political experience, Innovative has become one of the nation’s premier political firms. This year built on the tremendous success the political ad firm saw in 2016. Innovative Politics nearly doubled their advertising reach from the historic 2016 cycle.

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Outspent 2 to 1… Innovative Wins 7 of 8 North Carolina Senate Races!

A decade after Innovative Politics helped Republicans capture the first GOP State Senate majority since reconstruction, Innovative built on its tremendous win record in the Tar Heel State. In cycle, after cycle Innovative has been credited time and again for its creative ads that cut through the clutter.

With control of redistricting up for grabs, 2020 proved to be one of the toughest, and most contested campaign cycles in state history.

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Gruters Gets it Done in Florida!

One of the hottest Republican rising stars in Florida, Senator Joe Gruters, faced re-election in a battleground state inundated with Democratic ad dollars. Gruters, who also serves as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, took nothing for granted.

His campaign message of “Gruters Gets It Done” was highlighted in three separate ads that were regarded as among the best in the Tampa DMA.

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Dan Bishop Wins in North Carolina, Again!

On the heels of winning the most hotly contested election in nation last year (read about Innovative’s work in that winning campaign here) Congressman Bishop faced an uphill battle this year with his district being redrawn and victory more difficult.

Bishop has been a warrior for his constituents in the battle against COVID-19 and as many Republican leaders struggled to message on the global pandemic, Bishop embraced it.

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Innovative Politics’ Work Named Best in the Nation

Innovative Politics won five awards, including a Gold Award for Overall Best Direct Mail Campaign of the Year and a special “Best of the Best” Award given by the U.S. Postal Service for the best political direct mail in the nation, at the 2020 American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) Pollie Awards Competition.

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A Television Production Sweep

Innovative Politics also scored a triple crown, bringing home gold, silver and bronze awards for political television commercial production.

The Pollie Awards have been called “the Oscars of political advertising,” by Esquire magazine. The awards are not a popularity contest, but a reflection of the most politically effective, persuasive and creative work of the cycle.

Work that Wins Races

Jay Connaughton, owner and managing partner of Innovative Politics said, “We’re extremely pleased to have won these awards. But more importantly, we also helped our clients win these important races. Our mission is to produce creative work that wins, and these amazing ads are evidence that we’re succeeding. I’m very proud of our team and truly grateful for the clients who put their trust in us.”

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Patrick McMath for State Senate

Heading into the run-off Patrick McMath was down more than seven points against a challenger with a long political history and high name recognition. With only 25 days to impact voters, Innovative Politics got creative using facts and humor to capitalize on the opponent’s recognizable name. The twelve unique mail pieces, clutter-cutting TV ad and social media campaign pushed McMath to victory, winning 56% of the vote.

Best of the Best – U.S. Postal Service Award
Category: Best Political Mail in the Nation

Pollie Award Winner – Direct Mail Campaign
Category: Overall/Best of Year Direct Mail

Pollie Award Winner – TV Advertisement
Category: Candidate for State Legislator
Ad Title: ”Birdwatching”


U.S. Congressman Dan Bishop

Dan Bishop defeated Democrat Dan McCready in what many called the most closely watched special election in the country. As advisors for Bishop’s campaign, Innovative Politics caught the attention of news media across North Carolina and the nation with the TV ad it produced for Bishop titled “Crazy Clowns.” 

The ad offered sharp criticism of several prominent Democratic lawmakers, while also demonstrating Bishop’s alliance with President Trump and his hard-line stance against the increasingly radical policies of Congressional Democrats.

Pollie Award Winner – TV Advertisement
Category: Candidate for State Legislator
Ad Title: ”Crazy Clowns”


The Sunshine Coalition

Sponsored by a non-partisan, nonprofit coalition of supporters who want to bring more jobs and opportunities to Louisiana, this ad was created to shine a light on the damage lawsuits have caused for the state.

Pollie Award Winner – TV Advertisement
Category: Independent Expenditure
Ad Title: ”Exodus”

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Dan Bishop Victorious in North Carolina Race

Innovative Politics served as media advisers in Congressional primary and general elections.

Following a commanding victory in the North Carolina Congressional primary, Innovative Politics’ client Dan Bishop was officially elected to Congress Tuesday, adding another “W” to the company’s winning record.

Bishop defeated Democrat Dan McCready in what many called the most closely watched special election in the country, holding 50.8 percent of the vote in the four-candidate field for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. As with the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, the Innovative Politics team served as media advisers for Bishop’s campaign, crafting messaging, developing and placing more than $1.5 million in television ads to set the tone for the race.

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2018 midterm victories

Innovative Politics Impacts Midterm Elections

Innovative Politics’ impressive national work, particularly in battleground states, contributed greatly to a growing conservative majority in the U.S. Senate.

Four Historic U.S. Senate Victories

Innovative Politics played an integral role in unseating long-term Democratic U.S. Senators, including Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill and North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

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In the News: American Spectator, Connaughton on “Generation Trump”

The American Spectator recently sat down with Innovative Politics Managing Partner Jay Connaughton to discuss the large amount of support President Donald Trump has received from Gen X’ers during his time on the campaign trail and in office.

“‘We are an age group that doesn’t feel bound to party establishment,” Connaughton says, noting that many of the political heroes of today’s 40-somethings and early 50-somethings are usually Tea Party types (as examples on the Republican side: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Jim Jordan) who bear little resemblance to those who came before. ‘They believe that the current two party system is propping up a corrupt political elite and that President Trump is challenging that in a positive way.’

He goes further. ‘The economy and the political system are seen as wrapped up together and he’s breaking the stranglehold the political class has over everything.

‘It’s also that our age group is not as bothered by the more modern reality-style communication methods that he deploys.”‘


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In The News: WVLA-TV Highlights Innovative Politics’ work on Trump Campaign

WVLA-TV stopped by the Innovative Politics’ office to discuss the agency’s work with the Donald Trump Campaign. The full video can be viewed here: Mandeville-based Advertising Company Helps Trump Win Presidency

Mandeville-based Advertising Company Helps Trump Win Presidency In the middle of this year’s election was a piece of Louisiana.

“Half of the ads that ran nationally were produced right here in Louisiana,” said Jay Connaughton, Managing Partner of Innovative Advertising, based in Mandeville.

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