Innovative Politics is proud to have been a part of 2016 President-elect Donald J. Trump’s historic victory. Innovative Politics served a key role in the advertising team following the Republican National Convention.

Winning Work

Innovative Politic’s first nationally released ad, titled “Listening,” presented the benefits of Trump’s childcare plan and was praised by national media and political analysts like Bloomberg and RealClear Politics.


The focus of many of Innovative Politic’s television ads for the 2016 Trump campaign was a message of unification and empowering the American people. This is strongly portrayed in one of the most well-received ads of the election cycle, “United.” The ad was part of President-elect Trump’s “closing argument to the American people” and also received major national media recognition. The Wall Street Journal discussed the ad’s distinctness and how it compared to those produced by the Clinton campaign in the days leading up to the election.



Our team at Innovative Politics traveled the country, logging thousands of miles and ultimately producing 30 ads for the Donald Trump campaign. Nearly half the ads aired by the Trump campaign were produced by Innovative.


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Here’s how one Mandeville man helped shape Donald Trump’s election victory 

Shuttling between two sets of offices on the 14th floor of Trump Tower as afternoon turned to evening on Nov. 8, Election Day, one thought was nagging at the back of Jay Connaughton’s mind:

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Why Our Ads Trumped Hillary

The mainstream media wants you to think President-elect Trump’s victory was a complete surprise. It may have been to them, but it wasn’t to those of us on the ad team. Throughout the campaign ad pundits skewered his media strategy and claimed Trump was cheap and foolish. He was not. Talking heads thought his messages were off target, simplistic and untested…and yet they were the ones that were full of baloney. Read More


Northshore Man Helps with Trump Commercials

WWL – Jay Connaughton, Trump Victory from People Who Think on Vimeo.

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Mandeville-based Advertising Company Helps Trump Win Presidency

In the middle of this year’s election was a piece of Louisiana.

“Half of the ads that ran nationally were produced right here in Louisiana,” said Jay Connaughton, Managing Partner of Innovative Advertising, based in Mandeville. Read More