Early Wins for the Innovative Politics Team in 2022!

As momentum builds toward the critical 2022 midterms, Republicans are voting in primaries across the country to choose their candidates for November’s general election.

Innovative Politics has been busy working on races across the country and are proud to congratulate twelve of our candidates from Texas, Minnesota, Arkansas, and West Virginia for winning the Republican nomination in this important election cycle. 


Ellen Troxclair- Legislative District 24


Brad Finstad- Congressional District 1


Jim Dotson- Senate District 34

Breanne Davis- Senate District 25

West Virginia

Rollan Roberts- Senate District 9

Geoff Foster- Legislative District 20

“Buck” Jennings- Legislative District 84

John Hardy- Legislative District 97

Mark Maynard- Senate District 6

Daniel Linville- Legislative District 22

Jay Taylor- Senate District 14

Mike DeVault- Legislative District 74

We would also like to extend our congratulations to John Payton of Arkansas who won the most votes in his primary and will advance to a runoff in June. It was a pleasure to assist with these campaigns, and we look forward to continuing our partnerships through the November 8th general election.

So far this primary cycle the Innovative Politics team has created 397 individual mailer/door hangers designs. On the logistics side, we’ve dropped 3,833,152 mailers and delivered 567,300 door hangers, and that number will only go up as we approach that critical November 8th election date.