Innovative Politics 2020 Election Results

Early Results Show BIG WINS in 2020!

One day after the polls closed many close elections remain, but as the fog settles it’s becoming clear that Innovative Politics clients won big time in 2020. With over 20 years of political experience, Innovative has become one of the nation’s premier political firms. This year built on the tremendous success the political ad firm saw in 2016. Innovative Politics nearly doubled their advertising reach from the historic 2016 cycle.

Over the last three months, our team was responsible for:

📺   Over 224 TV Ads and Digital Videos Produced
📫   45 Million Pieces of Mail Dropped
🖱   82 Million Digital Impressions
💰   Millions Placed in Traditional Media
😲   Political Campaigns Across 24 States!


Battleground US Senate Races
4 Wins… 1 Winning & 1 Too Close to Call!

If it was a battleground US Senate race, chances are Innovative was there and making a difference. Innovative Politics supported conservative candidates 6 critical states. Targeting swing voters, tens of millions of pieces of mail highlighted the importance of health care reform, economic recovery, and lower taxes.

2020 Election Senate direct mail

While votes are still being counted, huge congrats go to:
Kansas Senator-Elect Roger Marshall
Montana Senator Steve Daines
North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis
Texas Senator John Cornyn

AFP Action Texas – Unstoppable :60 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.
AFP Action North Carolina – Tillis Positive Health Care 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.
AFP Action Montana – The System :30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.


Congressman Dan Bishop’s
Impressive showing in 2020!

On the heels of winning the most hotly contested election in the nation last year (read about Innovative’s victory in that election here) Congressman Bishop faced an uphill battle this year with his district being redrawn and victory more difficult. Bishop has been a warrior for his constituents in the battle against COVID-19 and as many Republican leaders struggled to message on the global pandemic, Bishop embraced it. In TV ads that focused on Bishop’s tenacity and caring for the people of North Carolina, Bishop made a compassionate and energetic case for the results he delivered. In the end, voters rewarded his efforts with a resounding victory that built on his margin of victory and resulted in a massive ten-point win.

See the ads the told his story:

Bishop For Congress – 24hr Daycare Testimonial 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.
Bishop For Congress – Waxhaw Candle Testimonial 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.
Bishop For Congress – Hornwood Testimonial 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.
Bishop For Congress – Tenacious 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.



Gruters Gets It Done in Florida!

One of the hottest Republican rising stars in Florida, Senator Joe Gruters, faced re-election in a battleground state inundated with Democratic ad dollars. Gruters, who also serves as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, took nothing for granted. His campaign message of “Gruters Gets It Done” was highlighted in three separate ads that were regarded as among the best in the Tampa DMA. A special congratulations also go to Gruters who spearheaded a historic ground game across the Sunshine State, delivering a critical victory for President Trump.

See Joe Gruters ads that GOT IT DONE on Election Day:

Joe Gruters direct mail

Joe Gruters – Gets It Done 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.
Joe Gruters – That’s Why 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.



Outspent by Millions…
Innovative Wins 7 of 8 NC Senate Races!

A decade after Innovative Politics helped Republicans capture the first GOP State Senate majority since reconstruction, Innovative built on its tremendous win record in the Tar Heel State. In cycle, after cycle, Innovative has been credited time and again for its creative ads that cut through the clutter. With control of redistricting up for grabs, 2020 proved to be one of the toughest and most contested campaign cycles in state history. In total, five incumbent seats were defended, one open seat was won, and a Democrat seat was flipped.

“Senate President Phil Berger is single-handily responsible for transforming North Carolina into one of America’s best states to call home,” commented Jay Connaughton, managing partner of Innovative Politics. “The results he’s delivered should be a model for lawmakers nationwide. Defending his majority was our number one priority in 2020 and we couldn’t be more proud that we saw resounding victories despite being heavily outspent.”

Congratulations to:
Senator Bob Steinburg (SD 1)
Senator Jim Perry (SD7)
Senator Michael Lee (SD9)
Senator-Elect Lisa Barnes (SD11)
Senator Danny Britt (SD13)
Senator-Elect Amy Galey (SD24)
Senator Joyce Krawiec (SD31)



Bring Back Sununu!
Congrats to New Hampshire’s Governor!

Innovative Politics made sure the people of New Hampshire knew that Governor Chris Sununu would protect them from a state income tax and help the state continue to prosper. New Hampshire agreed and decided to keep Chris Sununu as their Governor.

Chris Sununu direct mail

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire – Sununu Positive 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.



Rep. Sharon Cooper won a BIG race to help keep the Georgia State House in GOP Control

In one of the most high profile races for the Georgia State House, Innovative Politics was proud to stand alongside Rep. Sharon Cooper. Our team highlighted her record of helping people across House District 43.

Congratulations Rep. Cooper on your re-election!

Sharon Cooper for State House – Trusting 30 from Innovative Politics on Vimeo.