Innovative Delivers Victory for Perry & GOP Control of LA State Senate

Innovative Politics Mailers for LAGOP called: “Decisive Factor”

In a major “come from behind” victory, Jonathan Perry can now put the title “State Senator” in front of his name. His victory delivers GOP control of the Louisiana State Senate for the first time since reconstruction.

“We’re proud to have been a part of this major victory,” commented Jay Connaughton, Partner at Innovative Politics. “This race was one that we could not lose and there is no doubt the mail we dropped in the last two weeks brought about victory.”

Political reporters and commentators were abuzz in the final 10 days of the campaign over a series of mailings produced by Innovative on behalf of the Republican Party of Louisiana. Longtime Louisiana political reporter John Maginnis called the mailings a “decisive factor” in Perry’s election. He wrote the “state Republican Party lobbed a bombshell” that he called “toxic for the Democrat”. Political Professor Jeffrey Sadow commented that “history was made” and the popular political website commented that Perry’s victory came “despite being badly outspent”.

Further evidence of the impact of the mailings, was a 7% swing among those who early voted versus those who voted on Election Day after the mailings hit.

“Our mail is hard-hitting and moves voters,” commented Gordon Reese, Political Director at Innovative Politics. “We’ve helped deliver a GOP House in Louisiana and were undefeated in the North Carolina State Senate elections, resulting in a GOP Senate there. Now, we’ve played a major role in Louisiana having its first GOP Senate in more than one hundred years. We’re extremely proud of our winning record.”