Innovative Politics entered the history books Tuesday night, as it celebrated in New York City with the President-elect Donald J. Trump. Innovative began working with the campaign after the Republican National Convention and played a key role within the advertising team.

Innovative Politics’s Managing Partner, Jay Connaughton, served as a media advisor and provided ad strategy and messaging insight. Innovative Politics produced nearly 30 television ads for President-elect Trump’s campaign, which spent more than $75 million dollars on television advertising.

In the end, the campaign produced one of the most impressive victories in U.S. history.

In a recent article, Ad Age, the most respected publication in the advertising industry, said Trump’s ads  “cunningly, strategically outperformed tone-deaf Team Clinton,” adding, “Trump the advertiser was all about highly effective message discipline (for its target audience).”

Connaughton played a key role in Trump’s heavily covered Baton Rouge trip following the devastating floods, as well as in the President-elect’s headline making visit to Flint, Michigan.


Innovative Politic’s first nationally released ad, titled “Listening,” presented the benefits of Trump’s childcare plan and was praised by national media and political analysts like Bloomberg and RealClear Politics.

The focus of many of Innovative Politic’s television ads for the Trump campaign was a message of unification and empowering the American people. This is strongly portrayed in one of the most well-received ads of the election cycle, “United.” The ad was part of President-elect Trump’s “closing argument to the American people” and also received major national media recognition. The Wall Street Journal discussed the ad’s distinctness and how it compared to those produced by the Clinton campaign in the days leading up to the election.

Innovative Politics Delivers FIVE U.S. Senate Victories

The Presidential race was only one of many significant achievements for Innovative during the 2016 cycle. The firm’s impressive national work, particularly in battleground states, helped the Republican Party maintain control of the U.S. Senate.

By creating and distributing approximately 160 unique direct mail pieces, which reached more than 26 million Americans, Innovative Politics helped secure conservative U.S. Senate victories in the following key states: Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Adding to this is the fact that Innovative Politics produced more than 60 television ads and web videos appearing throughout the country.

UNDEFEATED in North Carolina State Senate Races… AGAIN!

On the state and local levels, Innovative Politics went UNDEFEATED in its races for the North Carolina state Senate, scoring wins for eight Republican candidates across the state. This marked the THIRD time Innovative has gone undefeated in North Carolina legislative races.

Innovative Politics kept up the tradition of producing very creative ads that cut through the advertising clutter, and developing a media strategy that stuck with North Carolina voters. WXII-TV in Winston-Salem praised two Innovative-produced North Carolina television ads for their creativity.

Republican Victory Delivers Super Majority in Kentucky House

Innovative Politics’s heavy involvement in Kentucky’s state House of Representatives races this fall allowed the Republican Party to regain control of the House for the first time in nearly 100 years. “Exceeding even the most optimistic predictions of its leaders, the GOP won not just a majority, but a supermajority of at least 62 of the chamber’s 100 seats,” Courier-Journal reported in an article following the historic elections.


Education Wins in Louisiana and Other Local Victories  

Continuing its work as a top political strategy group for education reform, Innovative Politics also emerged victorious in the Orleans Parish School Board races. The firm served as general consultants for the Protect Louisiana Super PAC, which ran radio and digital ads targeting conservative voters in the 4th Congressional District, resulting in Republican Mike Johnson earning a spot in the runoff.

A Cycle to Remember

This will be an election that none of us will soon forget, particularly us on the Innovative Politics team. We are elated with the results of our hard work this year, and we look forward to continuing to build upon these successes.