Dan Bishop Wins in North Carolina, Again!

On the heels of winning the most hotly contested election in nation last year (read about Innovative’s work in that winning campaign here) Congressman Bishop faced an uphill battle this year with his district being redrawn and victory more difficult.

Bishop has been a warrior for his constituents in the battle against COVID-19 and as many Republican leaders struggled to message on the global pandemic, Bishop embraced it.

In TV ads that focused on Bishop’s tenacity and caring for the people of North Carolina, Bishop made a compassionate and energetic case for the results he delivered. In the end, voters rewarded his efforts with a resounding victory that built on his margin of victory and resulted in a massive ten point win.

See the Innovative ads that told his story:

Dan Bishop – Tenacious :30 from Innovative Politics.


Dan Bishop – Waxhaw Candle Testimonial :30 from Innovative Politics.


Dan Bishop – 24 Hour Daycare Testimonial :30 from Innovative Politics.


Dan Bishop – Hornwood Testimonial :30 from Innovative Politics.


Congratulations again to Congressman Bishop!

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