Gruters Gets it Done in Florida!

One of the hottest Republican rising stars in Florida, Senator Joe Gruters, faced re-election in a battleground state inundated with Democratic ad dollars. Gruters, who also serves as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, took nothing for granted.

His campaign message of “Gruters Gets It Done” was highlighted in three separate ads that were regarded as among the best in the Tampa DMA.

A special congratulations also goes to Gruters who spearheaded a historic ground game across the Sunshine State, delivering a critical victory for President Trump.

See the Innovative ads that GOT IT DONE on Election Day: 

Joe Gruters – Gets It Done :30 from Innovative Politics.


Joe Gruters – Water :30 from Innovative Politics.


Joe Gruters – That’s Why :30 from Innovative Politics.


Congratulations again to Chairman Gruters on his two big wins!

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