Innovative Politics Scores Hard-Fought Win in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC – Though he trailed early in a crowded field of 11 candidates when he joined the race for Congress, Innovative Politics knew there was something great about Robert Pittenger.

Pittenger was the most conservative candidate for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, but faced a tough path to victory. His strongest competition of the 10 other candidates was a well-known former sheriff that had been in politics for decades.

Innovative Politics worked with one of the most talented political teams in the country (Creative Direct & McLaughlin & Associates) to develop a comprehensive plan to spread Robert’s conservative message.

“With Robert’s great, conservative stance and record, and Innovative there to spread the word, he won his hard-fought primary race Tuesday by a solid six-point margin,” said Jay Connaughton, partner at Innovative Politics.

Robert Pittenger is highly favored to win the November election, as the 9th District is strongly Republican.