In the News: American Spectator, Connaughton on “Generation Trump”

The American Spectator recently sat down with Innovative Politics Managing Partner Jay Connaughton to discuss the large amount of support President Donald Trump has received from Gen X’ers during his time on the campaign trail and in office.

“‘We are an age group that doesn’t feel bound to party establishment,” Connaughton says, noting that many of the political heroes of today’s 40-somethings and early 50-somethings are usually Tea Party types (as examples on the Republican side: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Jim Jordan) who bear little resemblance to those who came before. ‘They believe that the current two party system is propping up a corrupt political elite and that President Trump is challenging that in a positive way.’

He goes further. ‘The economy and the political system are seen as wrapped up together and he’s breaking the stranglehold the political class has over everything.

‘It’s also that our age group is not as bothered by the more modern reality-style communication methods that he deploys.”‘