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Innovative Wins in 2011: GOP majority in MS and BESE Board Sweep

For the first time since Reconstruction – nearly 140 years – the Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives will be a Republican. And Innovative Politics led the effort to make it happen.

Through an aggressive mail campaign, Innovative successfully unseated four incumbent candidates, including one who was entrenched for 24 years.

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Hensgens Wins with Innovative Politics

Innovative Was The Game Changer

It was a race they said Bob Hensgens shouldn’t win. He faced an uphill battle according to the initial polls and his opponent’s home base was much larger.

Innovative Politics couldn’t change the population numbers…so we changed the game.

“Bob Hensgens was the underdog. We worked hard to tell his story and define his image,” said Jay Connaughton, Partner at Innovative Advertising. “There were critical differences between Bob and his opponent—more than just their hometowns—and our TV spot and mailers defined the issues and turned this election on its head.”

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Innovative Delivers Victory for Perry & GOP Control of LA State Senate

Innovative Politics Mailers for LAGOP called: “Decisive Factor”

In a major “come from behind” victory, Jonathan Perry can now put the title “State Senator” in front of his name. His victory delivers GOP control of the Louisiana State Senate for the first time since reconstruction.

“We’re proud to have been a part of this major victory,” commented Jay Connaughton, Partner at Innovative Politics. “This race was one that we could not lose and there is no doubt the mail we dropped in the last two weeks brought about victory.”

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